Pekin is smallest town to ever host
a Regional ND League of Cities
meeting! Click on thumbnails below
to see scenes from the
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November  2017
Council Minutes

The Council meets on the first WEDNESDAY of
each month at 7:00 in the  Pekin Community

Mayor:  Duane Avdem
Auditor:  Jane Hanson  (701)296-4404

Board Members: Rodney Haugland, Dean Ensrud,
Gary Beier, & Marvin Massey

Was the first and only city in
North Dakota to receive the
National Forest Service
"Community Spirit Award"

Home of the Nelson County Arts
Council which received the ND
Governor's Award

The 2005 North Dakota
Leadership Award, sponsored
by the North Dakota Chamber of
Commerce, was awarded to
Pekin's Community
Development Director,
Brenda Bjorlie
I like to live
in a little town,
Where the trees meet
across the street,
Where you wave your hand
and say "Hello"
to everyone you meet.
I like to stand for a moment ,
outside the Post Office and store,
and listen to the friendly gossip
of the folks who live next door.
For life is interwoven
with the friends we learn to know,
and we hear their joys and sorrows
as we daily come and go,
So I like to live in a little town,
I care no more to roam.
For every house
in a little town is more than a house -
it's a home
-Author Unknown-
Pekin Named Tree City USA
Pekin has been named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor
Day Foundation to honor its commitment to community
forestry.  The year 2016, marks the twenty-second year that
Pekin has received this national recognition.
The Tree City USA Program is sponsored by the National
Arbor Day Foundation in cooperation with the National
Association of State Foresters and the USDA Forest Service.
Pekin continues to meet the four necessary standards to
remain a Tree CIty USA:  a tree board, a tree care ordinance, a
comprehensive community forestry program and an
Arbor Day observance.
"Trees are a vital component of the infrastructure in our cities
and towns, and provide environmental and economical
benefits," said John Rosenow, President of the National Arbor
Day Foundation.  "A community and its citizens, that recognize
these benefits and provide needed care for its trees deserves
recognition and thanks."
So where is Pekin ?  We are located
just west of the junction of North Dakota Hwys 1 & 15!
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Photos by Terry Deehr
Established in 1906
Population 80
Aerial photos by Art Haugland - see more photos on the
"Spotlight Photos" page