The Pekin Volunteer Fire Department
continues to strive to provide a higher level of
service to the Pekin Fire Protection District.  
We are dedicated to providing a community
oriented, progressive and professional
service.  We work on a volunteer basis, and
no salaries are paid to anyone.
You can help!  Scroll down for details!
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The 2016 Fireman of the Year is:
Duane Avdem!
The fire department was able to purchase a large metal building that was formerly the Cenex
station in Lakota, ND.  The photos below are of the day the building was moved into Pekin.
Now this is where you can help!  
Because the current fire department building is very old, has no insulation,
leaks, and is too small to house the equipment, a fire department building fund
was established a few years ago.  Now that the building has been moved into
Pekin, major renovations such as electrical work, plumbing, heating and water,
are needed to finish the building.  We have had many fundraising events such
as dinners, silent auctions, and raffles, etc.  These events have helped, but we
are very short of raising the next $75,000 needed to complete our new fire hall.  
If you are a resident, former resident, have spent time in Pekin, or have fond
memories of our town, we hope you will consider a tax-deductible donation to
the Pekin Fire Department Building Fund.  Donations can be mailed to:
Pekin Volunteer Fire Department - PO Box 144 - Pekin ND 58361

No donation is too small.....or too large!  

The Annual Fireman's Soup & Sandwich Dinner
and Silent Basket Auction is held every March,
with proceeds going towards finishing the new firehall.
Thanks for your support!
Pekin Volunteer
Fire Department
Duane Avdem, Fire Chief  -  Joseph Messner, Assistant Chief
Scroll down to see the Fire Department after it has been remodeled!!!
The newly
remodeled Fire Dept Building!