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Stanley Eliason and Jackie Donohue judged the  "not to serious"  beard contest!
The Fall Creek Barbershop Quartet from Grand Forks, ND rode in the parade and sang under the big tent
Art - In - The - Park
USPS Centennial Stamp Cancellation
Kids Games
Getting Ready For The Parade
Food Vendors
Wearable Art Fashion Show
ND Army National Guard Marching Band
Penny & Pals
Art Show
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Pekin Centennial Celebration
June 22 - 25, 2006
A Great Time Was Had By All !
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The City of Pekin was established in 1906, with the coming of the railroad.
It is located in the heart of a good trade territory overlooking the winding
recreation is to the south.  More about Pekin can be found in the 2006
distance to the north, while Red Willow Lake with fishing and other
The Granary Girls Workshop created a song about Pekin!
During the Pekin Centennial, the Granary Girls held a music workshop at
Berg's Berry Farm.  The participants of the workshop were Deloris Enstad,
Darlene Kelly, Debbi Brude, Evelyn Gulbro and daughters Nancy & Kathy,
Marilyn Stenberg, Denise Stenberg, and Julie Berg & friend.  Thanks to these
gals for the lyrics to the Pekin song, and to the Granary Girls for the melody.  
Everyone enjoyed this joint effort, and their performance of the
song during the Granary Girls concert was great!
There are no fences - only endless open spaces
Rooted and connected - neighbors are your family
This is where I come from - this sacred place, my home.

Been to lots of places
I find myself returning
Pekin, my heart's home

Grandma came at sixteen - all the way from Norway
How homesick it made her - this flat and treeless land
Families were started - new memories were made here
Generations carried on - love and faith grew strong

Now there's fresh turned soil - fields of flax and sunflowers
Winter brings the drifts of snow - summer, golden waves of grain
In the quiet morning you hear the birds and wind blow
See the stars a-shining in the dark of night