Pekin School  1907 - 1965+
Scenes From The All School Reunion Banquet (Click to Enlarge)
Home of the Panthers!

No roof nor walls remain.
There is not children's laughter
To echo 'cross the plain.

But memories still linger on
To help us all recall...
The good times and the bad times
That started in the Fall.

We'd hustle to our empty desks
As the bell began to ring.
We'd pledge allegiance to the flag
And then begin to sing.

Another year would come and go
As quickly as a wink...
Our teachers all inspired us
And taught us how to think.

So come on back to Pekin
Old friendships to renew...
To talk about the old times
and give our school its due!

Pekin High School hats off
to thee
Firm and strong united are
Rah for the Pekin team.
Pekin School Trivia
326 students graduated from
Pekin High School.  The largest
classes to graduate were in
1935 with 17 graduates and in
1941 with 16 graduates.  The
smallest class was in 1927 with
one graduate, Mildred Enstad.  
in 1964.
Pekin School Class Photos
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Carvings by Allan Ensrud
Pekin All School Reunion-June 23, 2006
Over 300 Registered
and a great time was
had by all!
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